International Adult Day Care, LLC offers a unique program of activities from Monday to Saturday. We provide services to seniors and adults with Medicaid, who require day time health care monitoring but are willing to relinquish their independence by leaving their homes and families to participate in an Adult Daycare outpatient facilities. Our program is based on an individual direct approach, while encouraging self esteem, self reliance and achievement. Here at International Adult Day Care, LLC we are able to provide these programs in a safe environment for our seniors and adults to thrive. 



     We provide activities, social, and life skills to help refresh and enrich the lives of our seniors and adults. Social recreational programs are designed to encourage senior clients to find new friends and positive relationship through community integration. Our trained staff will be assisting individual participants, providing them with the choice of services they will need to succeed.


Resourceful activities 

    During our participants stay, smaller groups can choose to participate in our fun and resourceful activities such as arts, crafts, card games, performing arts, bingo, movies and more!




     Our program offers health services through special coordination with the facility manager. Activities for seniors and adults that involve medical care such as physicians visits nursing visits and medication management are offered to seniors and adults in a secure environment. 

     Spending a day in the International Adult Day Care can be a real treat and great fun because we do not only celebrate holidays and special occasions but we also give honor to all birthday celebrants. These activities allow seniors and adults to perform routine tasks for themselves in a safe environment.