International Adult Day Care, LLC

     International Adult Day Care, LLC was created to meet the growing needs of the senior adult population. Our services are the perfect fit for families who wish to keep their aging loved ones at home, but needs additional socialization, support and/or supervision during the day.  Our programs provide social needs for seniors and adults and also to enrich participants lives through a variety of recreational and social activities.


International Adult Day Care, LLC

"My Friend, My Family, My Home"


     Our mission is to provide a safe and supportive environment for our clients by thorough designed comprehensive services that provide a caring touch. Our objective is to revolutionize traditional Adult Day Care, where the participant is nurtured and his or her well being is everyone's primary goal. Our scheduled activities makes the International Adult Day Care a fun place to be! 

Our programs

     Our programs are designed to help maintain the independence of our senior adults in the community. We provide transportation to and from the International Adult Day Care, LLC facility, arranged when needed. We also provide food services of a nutritional lunch as appropriate daily. Health services may also be coordinated with the facility manager for seniors and adults that require medical care such as physicians visits, nursing visits and medication management..